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Monthly contributions that lead to long-term change.
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Make large scale change possible and sustainable.
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Empower collective change.hypha is a subscription-based social impact club dedicated to the collective growth of ecologically sustainable, and just infrastructures.Our goal is to provide reliable sources of funding to vetted organizations so they can focus on their mission.
Our commitments
To initiativesStable Funding
Once we add an initiative to our network, we strive to give them funding they can rely on. We only add new initiatives when new members join.
To membersRadical Transparency
We show our work. You can track the impact of your contribution and follow our stories of transformation as it unfolds.
How it works
You set your contribution.Select the systems you want to support. Define how much you are able to contribute. Each month, we’ll direct your money to initiatives in the systems you selected. You can change which systems you support anytime.When you contribute, 10% goes to hypha for operational and banking fees. The rest goes straight to the initiatives in the systems you selected.
We gather the initatives.hypha brings together vetted non-profits, for-profits and regenerative investment portfolios. We select initiatives based on our defined criteria - evaluating the team, their philosophy and the efficacy of their work.
Together, we crowdfund the commons.Our goal is to direct a minimum of $10,000 to each initiative each month. By supporting these regenerative initiatives with consistent funding, we intend to bring a better world - with better systems - into full bloom.
Meet the initiatives you can support in building a just and sustainable world.
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Let's grow a better world together.
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